Biography Dirk van de Mortel
June 29, 2017
Dirk studied laboratory sciences in the area of microbiology (1998) were fundamentals for research and technology paved. Along with a passion for computing and communication by its versatility, he was looking for new opportunities. He found this at Dept. of Art, Media and Technology in Hilversum (Netherlands) where he earned a B.A. in Interaction Design and an M.A. in Interactive Multi-Media (2003). With a strong emphasis on physical play and tangible interaction and games with ScratchWorx and Apart Game prototypes in his showcase.
As self-employed Creative Developer, many interactive solutions have successfully been implemented. Started a new department in Research and Development at JVH gaming products (Tilburg, Netherlands), called New Entertainment (2004-2006). Developed the Apart Game to a market-ready product and developed the Weeble prototypes, demonstrating entertainment computing for public use with new interfaces. He coached at Industrial Design at TU/e (2005). Dirk was project manager of world’s largest interactive installation for cultural computing (2006) when he started the User-System Interaction program to widen and deepen his research and professional development. Dirk started a full-time position as Lead Developer and was responsible for the elaboration of a narrowcasting product SeriousBox. Since 2014 he picked up more freelance jobs and in 2016 at TU/e, he joined full-time service there.