Android keyboard: how-to use different input languages

After changing phones, I found out that it was not simple to change the settings for having two (or more) keyboard languages as text input. Using only the “system default” keyboard which in my case was English, shows English predictions and works great! But not when writing Dutch. It’s very annoying! This must be changed somewhere somehow. Google Keyboard has come a long way and has made great improvements over the years. For me, there is no need anymore to download an app for that. I praised Swiftkey but not for a while anymore. Solution Disable “Use system language” and check the languages in the list. Follow these steps for Android 5.1: Goto Settings > Language & input Halfway the screen, section “Keyboard & input methods” > Google keyboard At the top Languages > “Use system language” uncheck this A list of languages becomes available in the section “Active input methods”. Check the languages you like! Now, when the keyboard comes up, you can change languages with tapping and holding the spacebar. A menu let’s you choose the language you want to use for that window. Problem solved!
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