Executive summary:

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Relevant experience


Freelance User-System Interaction engineer - Dirk van de Mortel interactive

 June 2014 - current
 Concerned with programming small and complex websites ranging from applications to content management systems with user levels. Client-specific requirements to build from scratch or iterative.
  • • De Jongens van Boven: Ad-hoc front-end development in project Pinscribble;
  • • Minimal yet responsive website based on a PHP data-container instead use of a database.

User-System Interaction engineer - Next Level Serious Software BV, Eindhoven

 2010 - currently in a supervisory, troubleshooting capacity
 Predominantly the sole developer on this project named SeriousBox which has many interactivity layers within the application with e.g. playlist media management, implementations of SMS and social media. Some non-exclusive tasks consists of managing our products with our outsourced team in Poland, carrying out user-testing, analyzing and improving the current products, that are web-based applications and a Java desktop application. Maintaining clear and consistent communication between our head office in NL and our partners throughout Europe. It is crucial to constantly find better ways to streamline our existing in-house protocols, web-based tools for our staff and improving functionality of our products. Skills set:
  • • Development in PHP, MySQL, (Responsive) HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery and many more libraries of a wide-spread of web-apps and web sites;
  • • Interaction design research; call center, B2B and B2C interfaces;
  • • Development of new ideas and products;
  • • Technical manager; management level communication;
  • • Team and project development;
  • • Internal and external technical communications; written and visually.

Usability consultant - Bikkels BV, Alkmaar

 2009 - 2010
 Intermediate between technical staff and designers by creating the next step for our team after business intelligence. Organizing brainstorm sessions and online requirements gathering tools. Guiding our team and stakeholders through the design process; providing new channels to disclose interface requirements. Other activities entail:
  • • User studies for the redevelopment of the companies intranet
  • • Comparing CMS (Joomla, Drupal, ..) and PHP frameworks (Symfony, cakePHP, ..)

Research Trainee - Royal Philips Electronics, Philips Research, Eindhoven

 On project base: role as usability expert and researcher in the Simplicity Labs project. Conducted a comparable (quantitative) research between traditional laboratory and online experimenting. Finding the relating between thorough testing.

Freelance interaction designer - Dirk van de Mortel interactive

 2003 - 2007
 Concerned with programming of small and complex websites; content management systems with user levels and applications, which are build client-specific from scratch s development with design teams. Some examples:
  • •; including (CodeIgniter) webshop and stills creator;
  • • 2006 Cretus (.com) and Errèl (.com) – Business client JVH gaming, Tilburg: Development of dynamic websites for both brands with CMS back-end;
  • • 2006 Illume Candles – Business client, Sun Valley, California;
  • • 2005 NJoy live (.nl) – Business client JVH gaming, Tilburg: Front-end and an CMS back-end;
  • • 2004 Incodelta Zuid-Nederland – Tilburg: Design, development and implementation of a large Internet and extranet application for project management for 100+ users. Front-end and backend development;
  • • 2003 Software and hardware maintenance and improving the ApartGame console for rental and exhibiting.

Student project design coach and project lead - Eindhoven University of Technology

 2005 - 2006
 Design Project coach, competency coach and core member of former Entertainment domain for student education. Project lead of an international academic team to build a large, walk-through interactive installation, very close to the narrative of Alice in Wonderland for the research of Cultural Computing. E.g. development a multistage server for sensory data exchange.

Relevant education


User-System Interaction - Eindhoven University of Technology, faculty of industrial design

 2006 - 2008
 Post-master program as technical designer (in Dutch: TW-AIO; tweejarige assistent in opleiding). Assignments of one, two or three weeks in international, multidisciplinary teams, conducted by international experts in Human-Computer Interaction focusing on theory, practice and research in diverse fields: User Experience, Interaction Technology, User Interface System Technology, Understanding User Needs and Evaluation Methodologies.

Interaction design - HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, faculty of art, media and technology

 1999 - 2003
 Master of Arts in Interactive Multi Media: Thesis "Gaming with feeling" about tangible feedback in games.
 Bachelor of Art and Technology. Graduation projects ApartGame console and ScratchWorx.


  • • Mortel van de, D. (2008). The Use of WebLabs as a Platform for Remote Customer Research. Eindverslagen Stan Ackermans Instituut. Published by Eindhoven University of Technology. ISBN: 978-90-444-0812-6.
  • • Hendrix K., Guo Y., Mortel van de D., Tijs T. (2008). Designing a Head-Up Game for Children. HCI2008 Culture, Creativity, Interaction. September 1-5, 2008.
  • • Mortel van de D., Hu J. (2007). ApartGame: a Multi-User Tabletop Game Platform for Intensive Public Use. In 2007 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI'07), workshop Tangible Play.
  • • Rauterberg M., Salem B., Mortel van de D. (2005). From passive to active forms. L. Feijs, S. Kyffin & B. Young (eds.) Design and semantics of form and movements. Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., pp. 110-117.

Programming knowledge

 Strong affinity with open source web programming and environments: HTML(5), Javascript (and libraries), CSS, and various (mobile) frameworks (e.g. CodeIgniter, Twitter Bootstrap), PHP (frameworks), MySQL, Adobe Director Lingo.
 See my knowledge & experience matrix

Computer knowledges

 Skilled to adapt quickly to new applications and technologies. More than average knowledge of image, video, vector (2D/3D) editing applications; Adobe Suite; Autodesk; Eclipse.


 "Best Choice" award for in Ilse Internetgids (Dutch, hardcopy) in December 2000.

Additional information

 Languages: Dutch native an excellent level of the English language, written and verbally (married with an American).
 Personality according Keirsey Temperament Solver-II: Guardian Inspector (ISTJ).
 Member of ACM, special interest group CHI.

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