How-*not*-to fog up the windshield.

You're finally on your way to do whatever but something super annoying happens: the windshield fogs up and now you cannot see through. Even to such an amount you have to find a sponge or cloth to wipe a clear area on the window. Oops, look out! There's other traffic!

"Why does this happen to me?" you think, "it never happens when I am in the car with dad".

Without going into the details of the physics (water vapor in the air strikes down against a cold surface as condensation). First, you have turned on the car (0.), then here are some pointers to look for:

  1. If your car has A/C you're blessed. Turning on the air conditioner will immediately solve the problem. To make it work, mind to turn on the ventilation and push the A/C-button. Yes, you can turn the heat up!
  2. Let the airflow hit the windshield in contrary to have it come out of the dashboard blowers. With the heat on, this warms the windows. The icons look similar to this: 
  3. When it's raining or damp outside, or you stepped into the car with a wet coat, this increases the water vapor in the air. Try to avoid that. With the A/C on, turn the air intake to circulate internally; do not get the "fresh" air from outside (except when it's dry air like freezing outside). This will speed up the process of un-fogging.
  4. If the steps above do not work. Park the car and wipe the windows clean. Give it some time.

Always drive with clear windows!

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