Project ALICE

Matthias Rauterberg (Designed Intelligence Group) had a brilliant idea for researching aspects of cultural computing. Implementing a real-life installation after the narrative of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. By going through this installation, passing the different main stages, the user is assumed to undergo a similar experience as Alice did. It is expected that this is such a shocking experience, that the user will mentally change. The worldview has been shaken up. I started this project as project manager, mainly to get the project started and finding sponsors. I specifically worked on the Shockwave Multi-User Status (SMUS) server to connect with all the computers with hardware sensors in a network. The user is tracked and his behavior so that the server could anticipate and create appropriate response. Furthermore I was involved in thinking and realizing the general concepts for each stage, such as the CAVE with its sliding doors and controllers, the stair lift, walk in the park and chat with Cheshire cat. Many different aspects of technology, research and disciplines that were asked of me, was great. The state of the user is measured via a questionnaire in the first stage and after the last, stage 6. Stages […]
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ApartGame Console (AGC) – O-dynamic games (O-game)

About the team As part of the European Media Master of Arts (EMMA) program of the School of the Arts Utrecht (HKU), we have developed in 2003 the "Apart" gaming table for our thesis project after creating the ScratchWorx installation. We found a new direction in gaming: a gaming table combining the fun of board games and computer games to simple, yet challenging and physical games. Be active! After developing the first prototype many user-tests have been conducted in many different settings and on locations in Europe. Without feigned modesty, it is a true eye-catcher everywhere and people enjoy playing it, varying from conferences, resorts, exhibitions to lounge bars. For more than one and a half year we had an opportune period to develop the ApartGame into an improved, more robust prototype and fine-tuned gameplay, focusing on catering industry i.e. provided with a coin slot. From ApartSpel and ApartGame console to O-dynamic games O-dynamic games combine the sensation of today‚Äôs computer game and the good old family fun of a classic board game. This unique combination will challenge the users physically while it creates a social environment that brings friends and family together. The O-dynamic games inviting large round shape […]
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Weebles wobble …but you don’t fall off!

The Weeble is a chair with a display in front. Part of the interface for playing games is the movable seat whereas the frame is fixed, operating such as the mouse cursor. In a set connected by a network, action from other chairs followed on each display. Moving hips from left to right moves the visual representation of the user. Pong is a game for the prototype but games as a drive simulation create an active form of entertainment, and other usages are under investigation. This was the outcome of Debby Thebrath's internship with us at JVH R&D department New Entertainment.Partners
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ScratchWorx entertainment table

The ScratchWorx multi-media DJ/VJ mixing console for live performance with 3 (or more) people simultaneously! All digital material is mixed DJ/VJ alike yet by non-traditional ways of hardware controllers. Waag Society provided their underlying software named KeyWorx and continued the prototype to a next level, by Bas van Abel and Waag Society. RequirementsThe question Waag Society asked was to make KeyWorx suitable for Montessori students. Given that KeyWorx had a very complex interface aside from all thinkable media and input devices, there are many filters and settings to combine: hexagons, octagons and opening spirals with dots that can be dragged and (inter)connected. This for each KeyWorx client logs into the server that created one total performance in imagery and sound. This project gave me the perfect opportunity to make the software, tangible! Team Dirk van de Mortel Bas van Abel Roel Creemers Annemieke Vliegen Deneva Goins Daan Jobsis Sponsers & contributers
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