Intranet Bikkels

Bikkels BV as a company has as many, an intranet website built in Microsoft SharePoint. The people use it frequently yet it was not convenient to use because it was cluttered and hard to find, and go to the different pages. After these interviews, I conducted a card sorting technique to find out what actions they use most and how they would name it. The images here, show the initial start situation and the first design iteration.
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Philips WebLabs

In this project, a comparison was made between conducting user evaluations in a laboratory setting and a newly developed online tool. This tool, Simplicity Labs, is a digital experimental platform which aims to test new functionality of products and services and their usability. It supports iterative design processes by providing timely qualitative feedback from users to designers. This user-feedback can be acquired from different groups of people with regard to their demographic and cultural background and hence provide important user insights. The comparison between the evaluations in the laboratory setting and the online tool consisted of four standardized questionnaires. No significant differences were found between the two methods, except for favoring the use of the online tool for online simple applications. To expand on the effective use of the tool, an application was tested in which a photo book is generated from a photo collection, submitted by the user. Using the online tool in this manner demonstrated how it could be used to test and compare the effectiveness of different photo-processing algorithms with regard to user appreciation. For testing purposes, an innovative video editing application named Edit While Watching was used. Also, another application was improved for testing photo algorithms […]
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ApartGame Console (AGC) – O-dynamic games (O-game)

About the team As part of the European Media Master of Arts (EMMA) program of the School of the Arts Utrecht (HKU), we have developed in 2003 the "Apart" gaming table for our thesis project after creating the ScratchWorx installation. We found a new direction in gaming: a gaming table combining the fun of board games and computer games to simple, yet challenging and physical games. Be active! After developing the first prototype many user-tests have been conducted in many different settings and on locations in Europe. Without feigned modesty, it is a true eye-catcher everywhere and people enjoy playing it, varying from conferences, resorts, exhibitions to lounge bars. For more than one and a half year we had an opportune period to develop the ApartGame into an improved, more robust prototype and fine-tuned gameplay, focusing on catering industry i.e. provided with a coin slot. From ApartSpel and ApartGame console to O-dynamic games O-dynamic games combine the sensation of today‚Äôs computer game and the good old family fun of a classic board game. This unique combination will challenge the users physically while it creates a social environment that brings friends and family together. The O-dynamic games inviting large round shape […]
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Assorted Work – time travel

DvdM-i Website GTmetrics Results. Not only safety is important to me, also a speedy website is adding value to great usability. Here a humble (incomplete) list of memorable websites, I have worked on throughout the years: Helped more than a few people out on their personal or business website... 2017 - - WordPress from a to z 2017 - - WordPress from a to z 2017 - - WordPress from a to z 2017 - - WordPress from a to z with design of Sead Biscevic 2017 - - WordPress from a to z with designer Sead Biscevic 2016 - - WordPress from a to z 2016 - - WordPress from a to z 2015 - - WordPress (up to initial release) 2015 - - WordPress (up to initial release) 2015 - - WordPress maintenance 2014 - - WordPress from a to z 2014 - - WordPress from a to z 2014 - - web development Product website, fluid/mobile responsive. Design by Sead Biscevic. 2013 - - web development Product website and email newsletter template. Design by Sead Biscevic. 2012 - - web development (Joomla) […]
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