Call-center CMS for SeriousBox system

With developing the call-center CMS for SeriousBox, the client requested a multi-regional, multi-lingual, dynamic platform that implements an (ever-growing) range of business intelligence. Understanding their end-users (call-center employees), I created this with a simple layout, easy to use design with front-end and back-end coding. The site offers users the ability to not only track individual call efficacy but enabled the call-center leaders to increase overall productivity with different statistics (performance) over time. The site is built with the CodeIgniter platform and uses dynamic HTML loading, as well as several other independent libraries. Use: internal by call-center employees For: selling advertisements on SeriousBox® narrowcasting locations How: integration with existing data combined with newly added order information In short: A unique sales automation system for placing versatile advertisement orders on SeriousBox® locations, including customer communication and payment options.
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Back-end SeriousBox CRM narrow casting

Next Level Serious Software BV maintains their multitude of business information in this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) such as clients and prospects, advertisers and advertisements, SMS communication and so on. It is built with Smarty PHP template and MySQL, partly with Symfony2 and using web-services (SOAP/XML) for application communication. This part is constantly under construction as demands of the market changes, and the insight of the accumulated data can be mined and represented in different ways. The SeriousBox system is used in Belgium and Germany (including SMS services) and is therefore multilingual by default. The CRM is initially loaded with potential leads for narrowcasting locations. These leads would come upon requesting a telephone number for a municipality, to be used for a telemarketer to submit their feedback immediately. From here the location receives a status whereas customers, receive one or more SMS accounts: their login and unique SMS keyword. Based on their account the amount of information gathered and data collected, insight is given into their usage, costs, renewal et cetera.
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Front-end SeriousBox CMS narrow casting

The Content Management System (CMS) portal for SeriousBox┬« clients for managing their narrowcast channel and additional tools for optimizing customer-client (B2C) interaction. The different SMS tools to the client have at their disposal are layout simple and easy to discover basic yet vital information. Aside from additional tools for communicating with their customers, there are tools to direct their own narrowcast. In the playlist editor, the complexity is diminished by dividing the screen into 3 main columns, which contain footage material and logical is sorted from left to right. There is no save button, all changes are saved immediately. Latest feature: Target MarketingSince customers like to know who is in their location, they started to collect their mobile phone number. The guests participate in the SMS service, at the least to subscribe to the free SMS newsletter. With this number, the SeriousBox┬« customer can send informational SMS or SMS lotteries in bulk. The latest feature Target Marketing enables the client to interact with the end-user, via a mobile website. The customer controls the information and questions he likes to ask his guests. The guest logs in after requesting a URL with PIN via SMS. With the additional information, the SeriousBox┬« […]
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Intranet Bikkels

Bikkels BV as a company has as many, an intranet website built in Microsoft SharePoint. The people use it frequently yet it was not convenient to use because it was cluttered and hard to find, and go to the different pages. After these interviews, I conducted a card sorting technique to find out what actions they use most and how they would name it. The images here, show the initial start situation and the first design iteration.
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Project Incodelta

In 2004, I was approached by a nonprofit governmental agency to improve their web materials and remote information sharing. Their goal was to optimize logistics in the 4 southern provinces, regardless the transport type. Therefore, the intranet was created to guide their projects in templates with important goal-setting tools. From the same base, the front-end website was designed, developed and filled with information. A graphic design provided for me with a style guide, logo, and images. This project involved PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS.
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Assorted Work – time travel

DvdM-i Website GTmetrics Results. Not only safety is important to me, also a speedy website is adding value to great usability. Here a humble (incomplete) list of memorable websites, I have worked on throughout the years: Helped more than a few people out on their personal or business website... 2017 - - WordPress from a to z 2017 - - WordPress from a to z 2017 - - WordPress from a to z 2017 - - WordPress from a to z with design of Sead Biscevic 2017 - - WordPress from a to z with designer Sead Biscevic 2016 - - WordPress from a to z 2016 - - WordPress from a to z 2015 - - WordPress (up to initial release) 2015 - - WordPress (up to initial release) 2015 - - WordPress maintenance 2014 - - WordPress from a to z 2014 - - WordPress from a to z 2014 - - web development Product website, fluid/mobile responsive. Design by Sead Biscevic. 2013 - - web development Product website and email newsletter template. Design by Sead Biscevic. 2012 - - web development (Joomla) […]
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