Call-center CMS for SeriousBox system

With developing the call-center CMS for SeriousBox, the client requested a multi-regional, multi-lingual, dynamic platform that implements an (ever-growing) range of business intelligence. Understanding their end-users (call-center employees), I created this with a simple layout, easy to use design with front-end and back-end coding. The site offers users the ability to not only track individual call efficacy but enabled the call-center leaders to increase overall productivity with different statistics (performance) over time. The site is built with the CodeIgniter platform and uses dynamic HTML loading, as well as several other independent libraries.

Use: internal by call-center employees
For: selling advertisements on SeriousBox® narrowcasting locations
How: integration with existing data combined with newly added order information

In short:
A unique sales automation system for placing versatile advertisement orders on SeriousBox® locations, including customer communication and payment options.
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